Solihull Cemetery and Crematorium

Robin Hood Cemetery and Crematorium    
(Solihull Cemetery and Crematorium)


In 1917 Birmingham Children Hospital opened on Ladywood Road, Dunlop tyre company opened at Fort Dunlop and Solihull Cemetery opened as a result of the expanding population and new need for burial sites in and around Birmingham.

Fourteen years later in 1931 a traditional Chapel is built on the 45 acre site. As then, the grounds consist of ancient woodland as well as traditional graves, lawn graves, Remembrance Gardens and specialised memorial areas.

Just over 100 years later in 1958 a modern Crematorium was designed and built for the modern times. In 2017 the extra demand on services called for a modification and extension to the origianl building.  It is now state-of-art.

One Main Chapel (80 seated, 120 standing).

30-minute services are allotted.

Facilities offered

  • An organ is available. There is no resident organist onsite.
  • A Wesley Media sound system is installed for music to be played at a service if required. 
  • Ample parking facilities.

Robin Hood and Cremation Fees
Contact Solihull Cemetery and Crematoria Services Directly.

Streetsbrook Road
B90 3NL

Opening Hours
November to January - 9:00 - 4:15pm.
February, March, October - 9:00 - 5:00pm.
April to September - 9:00 - 6:00pm.

Main telephone Number
0121 709 7009.


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