About Chris Tabor

Chris Tabor:

I live on the edge of Coventry backing onto a beautiful natural wood with my wife (Christine) and our mischievous three-year-old Tibetan Terrier, Molly. Our children have grown-up and live their own exciting lives away from home (Jakes in Stratford-upon-Avon and Kate in Holland).

People always ask, ‘How did you get into being a Funeral Celebrant?’

When my mother (Margaret) died a few years ago from Cancer, I wanted to conduct her funeral ceremony myself. I wanted to reveal the fun, the love and character she truly was. In those days I did not know Funeral Celebrants even existed. I never thought, I should or even would be a Funeral Celebrant at that time.

I had several friends say to me afterwards that although they knew her, my eulogy painted a vivid and vibrant picture of her in all her beauty and exuberance for life. Over the years this led on to friends and family asking me to conduct their own loved ones Celebration of a Life ceremonies in various forms.

Being a Funeral Celebrant was borne out of sadness, a great loss and sheer bereavement. From that day, I knew what it was like to lose someone very, very close. It is literally heart wrenching.

Shortly after my wife’s mother (Lorna) passed away, I formalized my knowledge and became a fully certified and qualified member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. It is such a rewarding and fulfilling pleasure to be able to help people in their time of need. Nothing is too much trouble.

Why choose Chris Tabor as your Celebrant?

All celebrants are warm and good listeners.

Through life's experiences, we all acquire different attributes, skills and organizational abilities. Having studied Professional Photography for three years at Photographic college, I cultivated good organizational skills as well as a good eye for detail.

As a Publisher, I gained a good command of English and as a PADI SCUBA Master Instructor, explaining, showing and talking to people has come naturally and easily to me.

I asked people (friends, family, past clients) to analyse meChris Tabor as a person. In their words (not mine), this is what they said and think of me:

  • “I have found Chris to be a very look listener. He assembles information, stories, quirky bits and things others do not know and weaves them into a fascinating story”.
  • “For ten years, Chris was a Publisher of books, poems, directories and novels. His attention to detail, checking and double-checking sources, facts and obtaining the right balance we found always amazing and a great asset.”
  • “Chris is a PADI Master Instructor at SCUBA diving. Giving talks, standing-up and explaining things was and is his forte. He always made difficult concepts easy to understand for people like us!”
  • “In his younger years Chris was a DJ. I wouldn’t say he was the best, but his knowledge of all types of music (from classical to heavy rock) is astonishing. We keep telling him to enter Ken Bruce’s PopMaster”.


For me, that was an interesting and eye-opening exercise to do. There were a lot more (good) comments, but I won’t embarrass myself!

Or, as Winnie the Pooh once said, “It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like ‘What about lunch?’”

Final words

Everyone has made an impact on someone else’ life in some way or other.

Our personal experiences, thoughts and deeds throughout life has made us all unique. We may not be famous or a great leader, but our values, loves and contribution to our family, friends and acquaintances has, and does make a difference to others.

I can help bring  that out to tell people about the many different sides to your loved one's life. Snippets of information can be intertwined and merged to reveal a caring, loving and beautiful person. This is what I do. And hopefully for you and your loved one.

The first step

The very first step is to have a talk. I can be reached by mobile, land line, e-mail, The Contact Form on this website or even by Zoom. See the Contact Us page.

We can then arrange if you wish, to meet. This would be in a safe and comfortable place for you. At the meeting, we can start the journey.

I am and will be as flexible and as accommodating as you want me to be.

See The Process for more information.

Chris Tabor