Funeral Celebrant

Belief is a very personal and individual thing. 

It's what makes us all unique and different.

I am here to help, create, organize and conduct a ceremony, a Celebration of a Life ceremony for and how you would like it to be.

Gone are the days when one was expected or even obligated to have a church Funeral service by tradition. Today, services can be held almost anywhere, at any time and most importantly, how you want the Celebration of a Life to unfold. 

Together we will create something very special, something meaningful and something for those that attend to be moved, enlightened and dare I say, enjoy.

Let’s start enjoying

We are all happy, delighted, and eager to talk about as well as celebrate births, naming ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other great events that take place in our lives. This is what life is all about.


From crying to smiling

Although at this moment we are incredibly sad inside, painfully bereaved, and distraught; Celebrating a Life is a tremendous release and joyous occasion.

Knowing we have all come together (family, friends and others) at a certain place, at a certain time to shine light on the the person that has just left us  – it is not a curriculum vitae of chronological events and things they have done, but a vibrant, exciting, enjoyment of what they have meant to us; how they have filled our lives with their own personality and character traits.  It is a wonderful thing to be part of and share with everyone.

We shall Celebrate their life, however long or short it may have been; a life that has touched and moved us.

Our Celebration of a Life is a way to say, ‘thank you for being you; we will never, ever forget you’.