Memorial Service Decorations

Memorial Service Decoration Photo by S. Hermann & F. Richter

For successful Memorial Service Decorations, there are many sub-conscious and conscious elements that bombard you to say (or feel) 'this is a nice room'.  It could be:


  • The physical size (big or small) of the room.
  • Light and airy or dark and atmospheric.
  • The room's physical layout - square, round, rectangular.
  • The seating - raked, semi circle, formal with a centre aisle and so forth.


However, one of the most important elements that can change a room in to something special are the Memorial Service Decorations - creative and special Memorial Service Decorations.  Not tinsel, balloons and other 'party' items one thinks of as decorations. Theming a room to fit the personality or the way you want the Memorial Service to go is vitally important.

It can be tasetful, respectful and very fitting.  If the person you are celebrating was a bigger-then-life character, there is nothing wrong in being a bit OTT (Over The Top!) if you want and it is right for the person.


Memorial Service Decorations

In alphabetical order (no specific order) here are a list of ideas for Memorial Service Decorations:


Memorial Service Decorations - Cairn Photo by M W

Memorial Service Decorations - Build a Cairn   BUILD A CAIRN

On a table or on the floor, provide stones for people to balance stones.  This can be created either indoors or outdoors. It shows unity, building a community and working together. It shows unity and building a life; everyone supports someone else and thus builds memories together. A Cairn is a beautiful and wonderful thing to do.


Memorial Service Decoration - Photo by OpenClipart Vectors

 Memorial Service Decorations - Collectibles  COLLECTIBLES

Showing the pastime, hobbies, passion of the person the Memorial Service is for.

Place on Table, at the entrance or in a significant place in the room a feature of their collectibles. It could be a big or small feature – overstated or understated.

Whatever they collected or were passionate about, for example:

  • Activities they were involved in.
  • Charities they helped or were active with.
  • Coins.
  • Films.
  • Fitness (Zumba, The Gym, Work outs, Keep-fit classes, Pilates etc.,)
  • Hobbies (huge area...)
  • Holidays. 
  • Magic.
  • Military.
  • Sports (Football, Netball, Tennis, etc.,)
  • Stamps.
  • TV.

and so on...the list is as vast as there are collectibles.


Memorial Service Deocrations - Flowers

Memorial Service Decorations - Flowers   FLOWERS

Elegant, One Colour, or riot of colour – depends on the person and the ambiance you wish to set. Flowers can be in shape of airplanes, motorcycles, footballs, guitars, gardener, fishing, police, Masonic, cowboy, sports teams, colleges, etc. As a centre display, this can be spectacular and a real focal point to the room.

Artificial flowers, in appropriate vases are an alternative. Today, artificial flowers can look so real and wonderful.  In quantity, they can be expensive.  Consider your budget and what are you going to do with them after the memorial Service.

Memorial Service Decorations - Food by Shutterbug 75

Memorial Service Decorations - Flowers   FOOD

Did he/she love, for example fast food?

  • KFC - as an idea, have empty KFC buckets, pictures, wrappers of the famous Colonel on various tables.  The bukets do not have to be filled with KFC goodies - but be filled with other items of interest. As a 'nibble' for guests, why not have a few KFC bites to hand?  If he/she frequented a particular KFC shop, why not approach them and ask them to donate something - a number of meals, decorations - what ever they are willing to do in their appreciation.
  • Beef Burgers McDonalds, Wendys and the plethoria of other Burger companies - as above.
  • Doughnuts
  • Fish and chips

With a portable burner, a pot of their favourite food/dinner wafting around the room can bring back some great memories and emotions – however, beware the smell / aroma must be nice and attractive to all. A not-so-nice curry small (too pungent) may be off-putting to many, aroma wise no matter how nice it actually tastes!

For Food themes and if you wish to show 'dishes' he/she liked, think colour, style and shape. Create a plate design to attract as opposed to food just placed or plonked on a plate Cookery programmes and food photographers employ professional food display people to mke the food look good on TV or in a magazine. ou may not wish to go to this length, but creating attractive plating even iof it is just fish and chips wiull go a long way.  Food does get cold and tends to be not as appealing (visually) when cold.

If you both went on holiday abroard and loved  the nation's food, why not recreate a dish from that favourite country.

As an example, Nationality themes (not exhaustive):

  • Scottish – haggis, whiskey,
  • Welsh – Welsh cakes, lava bread etc
  • Irish – Whisky, Colcannon,
  • French – Garlic, French bread, French wines etc
  • Dutch – Stroop waffles, Zalt Haring, etc.,
  • German – Beirstein, Curry worst
  • Greek – Feta cheese, olives
  • Spanish – Tapas, olives,
  • Thai – Pad Thai etc.,

Each country has a 'famous' or well-known dish.  There is a wealth of ideas to explore - if food was their 'thing'. Food can be a wonderful Memorial Service Decorations item - if done well and really thought about in advance.


Memorial Service Decorations - Photo Montage by Pexels

Memorial Service Decorations - Guest photo-montage   GUEST PHOTO-MONTAGE

Create or make a blank ‘pin cushion’ board (or cork board). Ask the attendees – friends, family relations to bring along a favourite photo of the passed-away person.  As they enter they pin the photo onto the board creating a beautiful collage of photographs. Covering favourite times each person had with him/her.


  Memorial Service Decoration - Map by Proviso

Memorial Service Decorations - Map of the World   MAP OF THE WORD

People are travelling more and more around Europe and the world – for business and more importantly, for holidays.  We all have great memories of great holidays.
Display / Pin a large (over-size) map of the world onto a large board. With ribbon or thin coloured string stretch it from the country out to the side of the map. Attach a photograph of a holiday-snap.

If only a few countries were visited, multiple strings to multiple photos can be displayed from the same country.  It is not a map to ‘boast’ where we have been to,  but to show the great times ‘we had at these countries on holiday’.    


Memorail Service Decoration - Candles by Henryk Niestroj

Memorial Service Decorations - Memorial Candles   MEMORIAL CANDLES

memorial Service Decortations Candles can be of different sizes, styles for the theme you wish: Military, baby, mother, occupation etc
Can be used at the Memorial service or kept as a keepsake.
Real or flameless candles – ask venue if allowed to have real candles lit, outline idea of when to light and whom…

Memorial Service Decorations - Memory Jar   MEMORY JAR

On a table, place a large jar, lots of small pieces of paper and pens next to the jar.  Create a  sign/notice asking people to write down their happiest, fun, and most memorable memory. Once written to pop it into the jar.
The notes can be read out at the memorial service or kept to enjoy later on.

Memorial Service Decorations - Memory Table   MEMORY TABLE

One or many tables perhaps covering the life of the person; a very visual approach – School days (reports, school cap etc) early days, holidays (postcards, travel tickets, Photos) , Sports clubs or activities (fishing rod, Rugby scarf, Football boots, Season tickets etc), societies etc – each table covering a certain theme.
The table can become a talking point for many people; it involves and creates conversation and memories.  The props (‘of years gone by’) will certainly provide a smile on many peoples’ faces. “I remember that…”

Memorial Service Decorations - Memory Tree

Memorial Service Decorations - Memory Table   MEMORY TREE
As with a Memory jar, purchase or make a ‘tree’ – wooden, out of card or any suitable material. Have small ‘luggage’ tags – with string attached.  Guests can write their memory on each tag and then hang it on the tree.

It could be called or tilted:

•    A Blessing Tree
•    A Celebration of Life Tree
•    A Prayer Tree
•    A Sympathy tree


Memorial Service Decorations - Portait by Leroy Skalstad

Memorial Service Decorations - Photograph   PHOTOGRAPH

Large canvas to small photo frames – B&W, Colour, think setting of where photo taken – to reflect the person/activity of the loved one passed away.

Painting style photos are quite popular. Research the style of photo you would like. 

Where to place photo?
Big photos on an easel, small photographs on a table, individual photos can be placed on seats of the guests. A mini photo frame can be given to each guest (if budget allows)

Ideas for Photographs include:

  • Customized laser engraved plaques.
  • Customized urns with photo (Photo urns).
  • Large photos with backing for easels.


Memoriual Service Decorations - Pick a Colour by Sara Juggernaut

Memorial Service Decorations - Pick a Colour   PICK A COLOUR

Tell invitees the colour of the service will be….pink/blue/purple/yellow – whatever colour you wish. The colour chosen can be the passed-away person’s favourite colour,  the colour of their football, netball, rugby, badminton etc., team colours. This can be a great Memorial Service Decorations theme idea without costing a fortune.

The room can be decorated in that colour (Memorial Service Decorations), guests can be asked to wear a tie, a shirt, jumper, dress, trousers and so forth in that particular colour.  This will lift the ambiance of the celebration.

Memorial Service Decorations - Pick a Colour by Stocksnap

Memorial Service Decorations - Quotes and sayings   QUOTES AND SAYINGS

If the deceased was a person that loved quotes, made quotes, quoted others – perhaps revolve around one or many of their own quotes. It can be part of your Memorial Service Decorations:

A board, posters or even 3x5 cards with Quotes for:


  • Life celebration.
  • Eulogies.
  • Bible verses.
  • Hymns.
  • Prayers, and even some.
  • off-the-wall humour.