Memorial Service Summary

Memorial Service SummaryThere can be a lot to think about, plan and organize for a Memorial Service. However, this Memorial Service Summary shows that whether you Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or, you get someone involved like me to help you create the service you want, it does not have to cost a fortune.

A big misconception is that Memorial Services are only for the rich and wealthy and are very stuffy - NOT TRUE. I am here to prove that wrong.  My first service was in 2014. I have helped all manner of families create just the service THEY want.

Memorial Service Summary

Memorial Services can be:

  • Short - 30 minutes to one hour.
  • Medium length - up to 4 hours.
  • Long - all day (mid-day, lunchtime and afternoon and possibly part of the night).

They can also, cost wise be:

  • Free (no cost to you).
  • Minimal or basic costs.
  • Elaborate.
  • Extravagant (costing a fortune).

and everything in between. A successful Memorial Service is the one that you feel comfortable with, and one that is within your budget.

How to Achieve a Successful and Wonderful Memorial Service

Analyse yourself and ask (to start with), a few basic questions to get you going in the right direction - Your own Memorial Service Summary:


  • Are you capable of planning and organizing everything your self?  YES / NO
  • Do you want to 'run the show' yourself on the day?  YES / NO
  • Do you have the budget to spend a lot of money and get an Events Company involved?  YES / NO
  • Have you set a definite budget for the Memorial Service?  YES / NO
  • Do you know everything you want to have in the Memorial Service?   YES / NO
  • Do you need just some guidance?  YES / NO
  • Do you need a company or someone to help you plan and organize some or all of the Memorial Service?  YES / NO


I suspect you answered the first Five questions with a 'NO' and the last two with a 'YES'.  This is normal and very typical - no matter how organized, methodical and precise you are in your day-job or life, Memorial Services do take time to think about, plan and then put into action.

Chris Tabor Memorial Service Professional OrganizerChris Tabor - Here To Help

This is where possibly and I hopefully I can help.  There are so many ideas and options of what you can do - it is just a matter of suggesting them to you. 

You can either like or dislike an idea I suggest.  If you like the idea, it can be further explored and developed to how YOU want it.  It can be as simple as the chair layout for maximum impact, functionality and ease of use to complicated Sound and Vision presentations (mixed-media). 

Often, the simplest of ideas can sometimes be the most intricate and difficult to implement - but this is my job. If I can make it stress-free for you, enjoyable to organize and something you look forward to -  then I have succeeded.

If I suggest an idea and you don't like it - NOT a problem; I won't (promise) be offended.

This is where I come in (if you want).

First Meeting

This takes a broad brush approach. 

  • What would you like or what do you see happening on the day?  If known.
  • Indoor or outdoor venue?
  • Estimate of guest/Attendee numbers (if known).
  • What aims and goals are you wishing for? (Expectations).
  • Estimated timings of the day (short, medium, long Memorial Service).
  • and many other 'general' questions.

Slowly we will together form a picture of the service you want.

Second Meeting

  • This may take the form of a Zoom meeting, a telephone conversation, an e-mail or an actual meeting again.
  • This meeting will narrow down / home-in and begin to form a co-herent plan.
  • An Action Plan researched, developed can now be put into place.
  • Are there Tributes, a Eulogy, readings, poetry and or music to be thought about and or written? We can begin to mould these into the service.

Subsequent Meetings

Depending on your timescale, ideas of what you would like as well as what you would like me to do and for you (yourself, family, friends etc.,) to do, regular e-mails, meetings, conversations can be set as and when necessary.

Fees and Costs

I like to be above-board, transparent and ethical when it comes to fees.

Like all professionals, the fee is based on how much you would like me to do for you. I can plan, advise and indicate things to you -  to save you money by being realistic and brutally honest at times and when needed. 

If you were search, find, negotiate and book for example the venue, the catering, (etc.,) and purchase items for the service (candles, Order of Service...) this can save you money (by not having me to do it).  HOWEVER, this is something I can do for you if you wish and lots more beside! I can do the leg-work - you make the Yes/No decisions.

I am here to provide you with what you want AND save you money by finding the best price.

Fees start at or around £295.00.

Call me for a NO OBLIGATION discussion - 02477 044 827.

Memorial Service Summary of Areas I Cover

I am based on the west edge of Coventry.  As such I cover (but not limited to):

  • Coventry
  • Warwickshire
  • Worcestershire
  • Leicestershire
  • West Northamptonshire
  • North Oxfordshire
  • North Gloucestershire

I do cover many areas of The West Midlands, however because of distances, a fuel/petrol fee may be charged in addition to the fee.

Sections to The Ultimate and Complete Memorial Service Guide:

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Section TWO - The Logistics
Section THREE - The Room
Section FOUR - Equipment
Section FIVE - The Bar
Section SIX - Catering and Food
Section SEVEN - The Invitation
Section EIGHT - The Service
Section NINE - Decorations
Section TEN - Give-away, Take-Aways and Afterwards
Section ELEVEN - Memorial Service Summary