Andy's Man Club

Bereavement, Suicide


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Andy's Man Club was set up by Andy's mum Elaine Roberts and Luke Ambler (brother-in-law to Andy)  in 2016 after Andy committed suicide.  As their website says, "We run talking groups for men who have either been through a storm, are currently going through a storm or have a storm brewing in life".

The groups are for men only, though partners and family members are welcome to attend events put on by local groups.

Contact with Andy's Man Club is only via their website - a contact form. You can talk to them about anything and they will do their utmost to help.

Their Blog page contains many well written insights as to what is happening with Andy's Man Club, experiences from various members and brilliant as well as insightful interviews.

Their online shop offers items as diverse as branded Face masks, air fresheners as well as a wide range of clothing options: hoodies to jackets, mugs to T-shirts as well as car stickers.  All proceeds and sales go to help promote and continue the work of Andy's Man Club. 

Andy's Man Club is exclusively run by volunteers from their headquarters in Halifax, West Yorkshire. They are always looking for volunteers to help run and expand their work.  With national, local newspaper and media exposure, they are rapidly becoming a national movement and a voice within the suicide arena. A talking place for all men.

Andy's Man Club

They run mental health support groups nationwide every Monday (from 7:00pm). They currently run just under 70 Andy's Man Club groups with continuing plans to open more throughout the country.

As Luke Ambers (co-founder and Chair) says,

"I and Andy’s mom Elaine wanted to prevent other families from going through what we have. I know that our groups are not for everyone but all I ask is you give them a go. In life what truly matters is giving it your best shot, that starts with you ITSOKAYTOTALK"