Services offered

Please NOTE:

  • I am double vaccinated for Covid-19
  • I have had the third (Booster) vaccination for Covid-19
  • I have never had Coronavirus or any symptoms (to date - 2022).
  • I am tested by the ONS and have regular Mouth/Nose COVID-19 swab tests AND Blood tests for Anti-bodies (which luckily I have)
  • I started with ONS testing in August 2020. In 2022 I am still having ONS testing.

I can offer the following Funeral Services :

Every service is unique, meticulously planned, designed and created. It all starts with a discussion with you - your wishes, wants and desires to create the most perfect service.

Celebration of Life Ceremony:

Consists of, but not limited to:

  • An initial visit to you. This first visit may last up to two or so hours.
  • Help and guidance through the various options, aspects, and ideas of a Celebration of Life service.
  • Listening to your wishes, would-likes and specifically, how you would like the service to be - by giving advice and making suggestions where needed or asked for by you.
  • Make calls, e-Mails and contact with family, friends, colleagues as appropriate for stories, anecdotes, memories, as well as to see if they wish to participate in the service. Contact is made only with your permission.
  • Complete access to me via phone (land line), mobile phone, e-Mail and, or via the Contact Form on this website.
  • Creation (planning and writing) the ceremony / service.
  • Drafting of the Eulogy.
  • E-Mailing you the first draft of the Eulogy for your thoughts, additions or even corrections.
  • Completing the final Eulogy manuscript.
  • Creation of the Ceremony timings and timetable.
  • Liaising with your Funeral Director.
  • Delivery of the Ceremony on the day.
  • Aftercare service (see below)

          Fee: £250.00


Memorial Services

  • Conducted at a venue of your choice.
  • Plan, create and deliver the Memorial service you wish to have.  Every Memorial Service is different and will be unique to you and your loved one who has passed-away.

    Fee:  £295.00



Natural Burial - Green Burial service

  • Plan, create and deliver a peaceful Green / Natural Burial service.
  • I will conduct the service at any Natural Burial Ground in the West Midlands - further afield by request.
  • Includes visits to you, The Eulogy written, liaising with your chosen funeral Director.
  • Plus everything in my power to create a beautiful, serene and peaceful send off.

    Fee:  £275.00


Bespoke Celebration of Life Wishes:

This service consists of visiting and talking with you and the person prior to their ultimate death. To create a service they and you wish to have.

It is a Pre-passing away, personalised service.

  • An initial visit to you and the person the arrangements are for - at home, a hospice, care home. This first visit may last up to two or so hours.
  • Help and guidance through the various options, aspects, and ideas of the Celebration of a Life service.
  • Listening to their and your wishes; the would-likes and more specifically, how they and you would like the service to be. I will give advice and make suggestions where needed or, if asked for.
  • Make phone calls, e-mails and or contact with family, friends, colleagues as appropriate for stories, anecdotes, and memories. This is totally at your discretion and may not be appropriate at this time.
  • Access to me via phone (land line), mobile phone, e-mail and, or via the Contact Form on this website.
  • Completing the Eulogy or Memories Manuscript.
  • Create an Order of Service.
  • Create a Timings document.
  • You will receive a copy of the final Manuscript and service.
  • I will conduct the service if you wish.

    Fee: £250.00

    Please note: I am not a Funeral Director and do not replace their services. I work with them closely to ensure what you would like takes place. I am a qualified Funeral Arranger.


Scattering of Ashes Ceremony:

  • Help and guidance through the various options, aspects, and ideas for the Scattering of Ashes ceremony.
  • Creation (planning and writing) of the Ceremony / service.
  • Delivery of the service.

    Fee:  £75.00


Bespoke Funeral Planning (Pre-Passing Away)

I offer a service that reaches far beyond that of a Funeral Director or Funeral Home. Statistically, people will get married at least twice in their life.  Your own funeral is guaranteed and will happen - once. The problem is, you are not sure when it will happen. Let's get everything sorted - just in case you die long before you should. Not to be pessimistic, but that could be at any time.  Are your affairs, papers, plans, instructions, finances and so forth in order? - just in case you die (accidentally) next week?

'In 2020, less than 1% of people knew all their loved ones’ funeral wishes – and 17% didn’t know any of their wishes at all.' * see source below

Upon your untimely death, a Funeral Director will ask your family such questions as: What Coffin would you like? What flowers, What urn, Do you wish a Limousine, and other general questions for your Cremation, Burial or disposition of your body. It's called:  'Immediate Need Questions'.

However, I offer - BEFORE you die:

  • Planning, organizing and creating a Document, checklists, plans, instructions, wishes and so forth, about YOUR funeral.

    The service I offer is:
    • Not a Will writing service
    • Not a Pre-Need Funeral Plan
    • Not an Over 50's Plan,

      but helping you sort your affairs out -  IMPORTANT:  I do not need to know about your finances, passwords, bank accounts and other 'sensitive' and relevant information for you living today. I will explain more when you call.
  • I will create and provide with you a detailed document for your chosen Funeral Director, Executor, family and others important to you for them to know what to do upon your death. Just as an example, I will guide you through and discuss the five aspects you need to know about your Digital Legacy - how to stop cyber crime and your family being digitally robbed after you have passed away - amongst numerous other relevant topics.
  • The document created will save you and your family a great deal of money, family distress and give a road-map for those left behind. Multiple check-lists to do and think about.

    '81% of people organizing a funeral got either no quote, or just one quote from a funeral director.'* see source below  
  • I will cover every aspect of your funeral you wish to discuss and plan for.  You always have the final decision on what you would like and of course of the costs.
  • I charge one-fee. NOT the time I spend on your needs and wants and the final document. Everyone is different and have different wants and wishes.
  • The service I offer is detailed and thorough.

Contact me today for a discussion (there is no charge for an initial discussion).


For all my services, depending on location, distance, timings and perhaps additional services, the cost of travel and overnight accommodation may be required.



Aftercare service:

  • Help and guidance with Bereavement Support - groups, organizations or people - if required and wanted. There is no obligation what-so-ever.  I have an extensive library of resources and contacts that may be able  to help.
  • Names, addresses and contacts relevant to you are available - just ask..



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


* Source:  The Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2021.